January 2014

30 Jan

One Self Portrait a Month: Leftover Pieces

Just in the nick of time, with a few days to spare, I managed to shoot the first self portrait in a new series. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I’d been thinking about taking one self portrait a month for the next year. A simpler version of 52 Weeks of self portraits, but […]

27 Jan

Paper Cut Work: Black Hearted and Shattered

A friend suggested making paper cut hearts using black paper instead of red, and it led the designs in a completely different direction than the previous ones. I used triangles as the repeating shape within the form of a heart. The first version has randomly cut triangles. I cut these freehand without a ruler or […]

23 Jan

A New Self Portrait Project (I Hope)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been considering what my new projects will be for this year, and I realized I would like to do something with self portraits again. I can’t stand the idea of taking a self portrait a day, and I don’t want to redo 52 weeks of self portraits, but I […]

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