October 2013

29 Oct

Eastside Culture Crawl 2013 is Coming!

The 17th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl is just three weeks away, and happens on the weekend of Friday November 15th to Sunday November 17th, 2013. This will be my fourth year participating. It amazes me to realize how much time has passed since my first Crawl experience because it feels less long ago. In addition […]

23 Oct

Work In Progress for If Walls Could Talk

In March of next year I will be creating an installation at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto for If Walls Could Talk. This site-specific installation will be a collaboration between myself and Bruce Alcock, the Creative Director of Global Mechanic. Our project is called Canopy and will combine many different elements from yarn drawings, to […]

17 Oct

Triangulating Paper Cut Sculpture

I was preparing some work for a gallery proposal last week and I came across these photos of a paper cut sculpture I completed over the summer. The piece was shown during my solo show at the Ranger Station gallery in July, but I’d forgotten to share it elsewhere. This is the largest paper cut […]

15 Oct

Hot Talks @ Hot Art Wet City with Earnest Ice Cream

For our October Hot Talks session we have two speakers for the price of one. Ben Ernst and Erica Bernardi are the founders and co-owners of Earnest Ice Cream, and they will be sharing the story behind the start up of their small business. Small Business as a Platform for Change: Adventures of an Ice […]

11 Oct

Revisiting Clarion Alley in San Francisco

My previous visit to San Francisco was in October 2007, and one of the highlights of that visit was walking through Clarion Alley. So of course I needed to see it again on this trip. The alley is small but is filled with art from end to end thanks to the Clarion Alley mural project, […]

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