September 2013

23 Sep

Creating An Installation One Piece At A Time

Back in July I began a side project involving the creation of small individual paper cut pieces that resemble flowers or fireworks. Since then I’ve been slowly working away at this at irregular intervals with the goal of making as many as I can. All these months later an I have made about eighty of […]

20 Sep

Circles and Animals: The Turtle

The Turtle is the last of the Circles and Animals series for awhile as I’ve shifted my focus to other projects for now. I’ve been pondering ideas around creating an installation out of the circle cut layers of paper but haven’t yet figured the whole thing out. The Turtle is the eighth piece in this […]

18 Sep

Circles and Animals: The Rabbit

The character of the White Rabbit is what started this series late last year so until recently I wasn’t interested in making yet another bunny. But it’s an animal well suited to the abstract background of circles. Tomorrow I will share The Turtle paper cut I made at the same time. Previous work from the […]

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