July 2013

30 Jul

Translating Paper Cut Work Into Laser Cut Designs

Last week I booked a time slot at the Laser Cutting Cafe to try out having some of my paper cut work fabricated into other materials. I took two files with me to experiment with and came away with some very lovely results. Since my previous visit to the Cafe, Derek (the owner) had acquired […]

25 Jul

Circles and Animals Series: Paper Cut Grumpy Owl

The selection of animals I am choosing for this series is a bit random, but I’m okay with that. I’m basing my choices on animals I like, but also one ones I think will translate well into the medium of paper cutting. When I first made this owl I didn’t really like him, but his […]

23 Jul

Circles and Animals: Paper Cut Snail

I finished the snail paper cut artwork just before I went on vacation last week but I didn’t have enough time to share it. I am very pleased with this one. It has turned out so beautifully, and I adore the delicate little snail. I have an affection for snails, and have become fascinated with […]

16 Jul

Circles and Animals Work in Progress

The second series I began working on a week and a half ago (along with the one I mentioned previously) is a revisit to the land of circle cut layers of paper. It’s a darn good idea and I decided it needn’t end with white rabbits. The first animals that came to mind were snails, […]

12 Jul

A Visit to the Laser Cutter Cafe

For awhile now I’ve been contemplating the idea of translating my paper cut work into other materials through laser cutting. I wasn’t really sure how to go about this, or even where to do it, that is until I heard about the Laser Cutter Cafe. The cafe is located in the Chinatown Experiment pop-up space […]

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