June 2013

27 Jun

Paper Cut Work: Wind & Water Series (Part 2)

As mentioned in my previous post, I have two more works to share from the Wind & Water series. Here they are in all their crazy paper cut glory. I built the series around the repeating pattern of a slender crescent shape, combining them into larger swirls, which in turn create an overall form. Each […]

25 Jun

Paper Cut Work: Wind & Water Series

I’ve been holding back on sharing a collection of recent paper cut work because until yesterday, I just hadn’t gotten around to photographing it all properly. I find it tricky to photograph the paper cut work, to capture the layers and textures, and make it readable to the viewers eye. The two pieces included in […]

20 Jun

Hello Pretty is Pretty Smart

Hello Pretty is a handmade marketplace for South African designers and artisans filled with amazing stuff I wish I could buy. The site is the brainchild of Scott Hadfield and Sam Marx, who recognized a need for an Etsy-style web site catering specifically to the South African market. The site has grown by leaps and […]

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