June 2013

27 Jun

Paper Cut Work: Wind & Water Series (Part 2)

As mentioned in my previous post, I have two more works to share from the Wind & Water series. Here they are in all their crazy paper cut glory. I built the series around the repeating pattern of a slender crescent shape, combining them into larger swirls, which in turn create an overall form. Each […]

25 Jun

Paper Cut Work: Wind & Water Series

I’ve been holding back on sharing a collection of recent paper cut work because until yesterday, I just hadn’t gotten around to photographing it all properly. I find it tricky to photograph the paper cut work, to capture the layers and textures, and make it readable to the viewers eye. The two pieces included in […]

20 Jun

Hello Pretty is Pretty Smart

Hello Pretty is a handmade marketplace for South African designers and artisans filled with amazing stuff I wish I could buy. The site is the brainchild of Scott Hadfield and Sam Marx, who recognized a need for an Etsy-style web site catering specifically to the South African market. The site has grown by leaps and […]

19 Jun

A Love of Landscapes

I’ve been sharing a lot of landscape photos over on Instagram lately. The photos are as much about the big puffy clouds and blue skies as it is about the earth below them. These were taken a few weekends ago during an outing to Westham Island for strawberries and honey, and a visit with a […]

14 Jun

Paper Inspiration For Your Friday

On Pinterest I have a board called, Paper Inspiration, where I collect all sorts of paper-based art work, installations, and sculpture. (Follow it here if you’re interested). Some of the recent work I’ve come across to inspire me: It’s pretty amazing what a skilled artist can do with a simple piece of paper.

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