May 2013

30 May

More Scenes from Bowen Island

A few photos from a lovely long weekend on Bowen a week and a half ago. It was a good time for bird watching, as you can see from some of the photos. There were two Anna’s Hummingbirds constantly visiting the feeder. The view of them was excellent since it’s located just outside the window […]

28 May

Shortlisted for Ironclad Art

Ironclad Art is a competition put on by the City of Vancouver challenging people to come up with new manhole cover designs. As of the deadline in mid-April they received over one thousand submissions, all of which you can view online. Last week I was pleased to learn my work was selected as one of […]

27 May

Hot Talks: Sometimes It Ain’t Pretty by Kim Werker

The speaker series I am curating at Hot Art Wet City gallery kicked off last Tuesday evening with a talk by Kim Werker. It was a terrific talk centered around the value of failure and imperfection which led to an interesting discussion afterwards. Lucky for those who missed it, Chris filmed the whole thing and […]

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