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A few weekends ago Boris and I were in Steveston with friends to go on a Sea lion watching tour. We arrived a bit early and so our group stopped into the lovely Roccanini Coffee Roasters for coffee, tea, and delicious treats. Right outside the cafe is this pretty impressive piece of public art designed by my friend, Carlyn Yandle.



Located at the intersection of at No. 1 Road and Moncton Street in Steveston, this is the first scramble-style crosswalk in BC. Carlyn’s design, “was an attempt to weave together the history of the Japanese net-makers and the modern-day marine flavour of this corner of the Lower Mainland using a simple, enduring motif.” I think the results are very striking.

Crossover. Designed by Carlyn Yandle

Crossover. Designed by Carlyn Yandle

Crossover. Designed by Carlyn Yandle

I would love to see municipalities commission more work like this, where the art is integrated fully into the cityscape. I think Canadian cities too often underestimate the importance of public art, but maybe this is in the process of changing.

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At the beginning of this week I decided to take a much needed break from social media tools. I sometimes feel worn down by watching other people’s lives on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and all the unwanted noise that comes out of it. I do enjoy using these tools, and often find inspiration from them, but they’re also a HUGE distraction. It’s good to turn down the volume once in awhile, and now was as good a time as any because I have a lot of work to do.

Over the last few days I’ve found myself with iPhone in hand wondering what to do with the thing. By not allowing myself to check Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram I have much less distraction from my phone. It makes me realize just how frequently I look at the darn thing, and use social media to procrastinate or distract myself.

I sometimes wish I could do without these tools, but they play a large role in how I share my work with the world. I’m not sure how I would do this otherwise. They are also the source of connections with interesting people, events, and ideas, so it’s not all bad.

Sometimes you need to step back from familiar things in order to fully appreciate what they bring to your life. And I am reflecting on this as part of break. But until I return to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I’m going to enjoy a quiet, centred, less distracted mind.

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On Monday I went on an artist road trip with friends, Val Arntzen and M.A. Tateishi, to do a studio visit with Siobhan Humston in Harrison Hot Springs. Siobhan has been doing a residency at the Ranger Station Gallery since September 2012, and is in the last few months of preparing for her upcoming show at the gallery.

Studio visit with Siobhan Humston-3

Studio visit with Siobhan Humston-2

All the photos were taken as Siobhan was touring us around her studio space upstairs from the Ranger Station Gallery. She’s been working on a series of large mixed media paintings on paper and a few smaller paintings on wood panel, all of which are stunning. The subject matter is inspired by some of her recent struggles, and mixes imagery of the natural world and man-made items.

Studio visit with Siobhan Humston

Studio visit with Siobhan Humston-7

It was a wonderful visit, full of food, good conversation, and beautiful weather. I think all four of us came away feeling very inspired and wanting to get down to work in our own studios.

Studio visit with Siobhan Humston-8

Studio visit with Siobhan Humston-6

Siobhan’s show opens at the beginning of June. I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

Studio visit with Siobhan Humston-5

Studio visit with Siobhan Humston-4