March 26th, 2013

This lovely little kokeshi doll is my contribution to an upcoming fundraising event at the Nikkei Museum. This is my first time contributing work to their annual BLOOM art auction, an event that supports the exhibitions, educational and cultural programs at the museum.

There are about 100 artists contributing work, and each was provided with a basic wooden kokeshi doll they could customize however they liked. I am very curious to see all of these dolls together on the night of the event.

Kokeshi doll

Kokeshi doll-2

My doll is eight inches high (we had a few sizes to choose from) and I have decorated her head to toe in cut paper. Her face is cut from white paper, and her clothing and head dress are cut from red paper.

Kokeshi doll-4

Kokeshi doll-5

The dress is one piece of paper, while her head is decorated with multiple pieces of cut paper. This was actually her first outfit which I cut to pieces and used a different way because I wasn’t happy with how it turned out (because I’m picky).

Kokeshi doll-6

Kokeshi doll-7

If you’re interested in purchasing one of the dolls the silent auction is happening on Thursday, April 25th, from 7pm to 9:30pm. Tickets are $25 to attend and can be purchased in advance online using paypal.

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3 Responses to “The Kokeshi Project”

shelley Says:

so beautiful!!!

Rachael Says:

Thank you Shelley. It’s always a pleasure to have a comment from you.

Sally at OKIFOLKI Says:

Wow! She is absolutely stunning Rachel! Love it!