February 2013

27 Feb

Gutter Snipes I, by Cal Lane

Yesterday I did a bit of gallery hopping around town with a friend, something I very badly needed to do. One of our stops was to visit Grunt Gallery, which is currently showing work by Cal Lane. She creates an illustrative style of cut metal sculptures using reclaimed industrial materials. I was so taken with […]

26 Feb

Structural Paper Cutting

After I finished the paper cut pyramid last week I began to work on a second piece with a different approach to making something three dimensional. Instead of creating the structure from a single sheet I used scraps of paper cut into triangles of different sizes, two as sides, and one as a bottom piece. […]

25 Feb

Self-Exploration Through Self Portraiture

It’s been an interesting experience the last few weeks to maintain my commitment to the Be Your Own Beloved e-course. I don’t mind taking a self portrait every once in awhile, but doing it every day is tedious. At least that’s how I normally feel about it. But with Vivienne‘s daily email prompts of inspiration […]

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