28 Jan

Excuse My Whinging…

It’s Monday morning the start of a new week and along with it the hopes of finally getting 2013 off the ground. All of January has been a washout because I’ve been down with a stomach bug off and on for weeks. Just when I think it’s gone away and I’m well enough to get back to work, it flares up again. It’s been an incredibly frustrating experience, and I don’t trust it will last when I do feel better.

Week 34 - Rest

I’m normally a very motivated and disciplined person, and I have no trouble getting inspired to create new work. But this illness has left me drained and I’m struggling to find my way back to where I was a month and a half ago. My impulse is to be really hard on myself, when really it’s just going to take time to get back to normal.

The upside to all of this is it’s reminded me to appreciate my health, and take better care of it from now on.

And now I’m going to go cut some paper and get inspired…

© Rachael Ashe