January 2013

30 Jan

Paper Cut Work: Radiating Outwards

My first forays back into the studio have found me feeling uninspired and stuck. I know the best way around this is to just sit down, get to work, and focus on getting my hands moving rather than on the results. This often works very well with me because I am a process driven artist […]

28 Jan

Excuse My Whinging…

It’s Monday morning the start of a new week and along with it the hopes of finally getting 2013 off the ground. All of January has been a washout because I’ve been down with a stomach bug off and on for weeks. Just when I think it’s gone away and I’m well enough to get […]

22 Jan

A Visit to Harrison Hot Springs

Over the weekend Boris and I rented a car and drove to Harrison Hot Springs to visit our friend Siobhan. She is the artist in residence until September at the Ranger Station Art Gallery. It was a beautiful but cold weekend in Harrison while the rest of the Greater Vancouver area continued to be shrouded […]

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