10 Dec

Paper Cut Work: Down the Rabbit Hole

Earlier in the fall I was invited to be part of an upcoming group show in Victoria that explores the theme of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. I hadn’t had any time until last week to figure out and create something new for this show because I don’t currently have anything appropriate. I was stumped and uninspired at first because the theme doesn’t really fit into my current body of work, and I’m reluctant to create one-off pieces just to satisfy the requirements of a group show.

I was actually really close to passing up on this opportunity. But I surprised myself and found my way through to creating work I am very pleased with. The White Rabbit was my inspiration and he took me down a rabbit hole of layers and layers of circles.

Paper Cut Work- Down the Rabbit Hole
“Down the Rabbit Hole” | 10″ x 10″

Paper Cut Work- Down the Rabbit Hole-4

Paper Cut Work- Down the Rabbit Hole-5

Paper Cut Work- Down the Rabbit Hole-3

Paper Cut Work- Down the Rabbit Hole-2

Both of these are 10″ x 10″ with the cut paper mounted inside a wood cradle panel. There are three layers of paper in each one, and I used a compass cutter to cut the circles. I’d been playing around with this idea in my head because I have a circle cut pile of maps left over from a previous project, and I intend to do something with them. The layers work very well and build on my recent work of a single repeating shape.

To create the two rabbit silhouettes I sourced images of the white rabbit from google images, printed these out to the correct size and used them as a template. I left the details of each of them very minimal on purpose.

Paper Cut Work- Down the Rabbit Hole-6
“Down the Rabbit Hole” | 10″ x 10″

Paper Cut Work- Down the Rabbit Hole-9

Paper Cut Work- Down the Rabbit Hole-8

Paper Cut Work- Down the Rabbit Hole-7

I showed photos of these on Instagram as I worked on them last week and was thrilled to have such a positive reaction to the work. I’ll share more details about the show closer to the date next year.


  1. Thank you Susan. I am planning on continuing to work with layering cut paper the way I did with these two, but without the rabbits. These are two of my favorites from the whole year.

  2. I’m amazed at how you’ve evoked such a sense of narrative meaning and complexity using such simple shapes in white paper. The layering is brilliant. Your rabbit is alive–I think I saw him twitch!

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