21 Nov

Aftermath of Eastside Culture Crawl 2012

It’s a few days after the end of Eastside Culture Crawl and I decided to take a few photos of the set up before I dismantle it. It is a crazy amount of work to transform our apartment into a gallery space, but it does end up looking spectacular.

This year I showed a mix of paper cut work, altered books, installations of paper crows and a yarn tree, and a bit of the old metal prints. People seemed to really enjoy their visit to our location, and I received many terrific comments and questions.

Eastside Culture Crawl set up - paper cut work

Eastside Culture Crawl set up - paper cut work

Eastside Culture Crawl set up - map reconstruction

I work hard to create a cozy and welcoming environment because sometimes people feel weird about coming into the home of a stranger. It helps that Boris plays the perfect host by offering chai with optional whisky, and there are cookies for munching.

Eastside Culture Crawl set up - map paper pendant

Eastside Culture Crawl set up - yarn tree, etc
Eastside Culture Crawl set up - yarn tree

I went all out this year by adding installation work in the mix. The paper crows are suspended from the ceiling in the hallway, and the yarn tree (a permanent feature in our apartment) got a facelift with new red maple leaves.

Eastside Culture Crawl set up - paper crows and art

I feel this year was more successful than the previous Crawl. We had a lower visitor count, but sales were higher. It probably helped that I now have Square and can accept credit card payments.

As always, I would not be able to do the Eastside Culture Crawl every year without the support of my partner, Boris. He puts up very well with his home being turned upside down, and he does as much talking as I do with visitors over the course of the weekend.

If you were unable to make it to my location this past weekend, please drop me an email and I’d be happy to set up a studio visit.


  1. Thank you Shelley. It is a lot of work every year, and I’m not always sure it’s worth it. But being part of the Crawl reminds me I’m part of a larger community of artists.

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