September 2012

25 Sep

Paper Cut Work: The Universe is Intricate

One of the presents I received for my birthday earlier this year was a lovely white tea cup given to me by Anne. It came in a small wooden box with a hinged lid, and I was attracted to this as much as to the gift it held inside. I knew right away I wanted […]

21 Sep

The Mesmerizing Drawing Machine of Sarah Gee

My friend Sarah Gee (who I featured in an artist interview back in April) recently released a video sharing the process behind the making of her concentric drawings. It is absolutely riveting to watch as she works. In the words of Sarah Gee: Making these takes a huge amount of concentration, and a fair amount […]

20 Sep

Upcoming Events: The Word On The Street

The Word On The Street is Canada’s National Book and Magazine Festival that happens every September in six cities across the country. I’ve been attending this event for years, and have fond memories of wandering Queen Street in Toronto with my mom as we rummaged through the tables of books that took over the street […]

17 Sep

Commissioned Work: Creating a Blog Header for

I am very happy to finally get the chance to reveal this beautiful paper cut design I was commissioned to create at the end of the summer. As you can clearly read in the hand cut letters within the composition, this was a custom piece created for Kim Werker. She was in the process of […]

12 Sep

New Work At Bird On A Wire Creations

If you love the paper cut collages I’ve been making recently, you can now find four of them at Bird on a Wire Creations on Main Street. Paper Cut Designs | 8″x 8″ on wood panel Paper Cut Designs | 6″x 6″ on wood panel Go check them out. The work is even more dazzling […]

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