July 23rd, 2012

It was a beautiful thing to finally see the installation I’ve been working on for the past few months come together at Illuminares on Saturday evening.


Illuminares 2012- Illuminated crows-7

It took Boris and I two hours to set it up in the afternoon. I was a little worried at the time because it was so windy during installation I thought the crows might blow away. Thank goodness I went with wire to suspend the crows because it kept them from tangling together.

Illuminares 2012- Illuminated crows-4

Illuminares 2012- Illuminated crows

Just as I’d hoped, the location was a perfect spot for the crows. These photos don’t quite do it justice but there was a magical atmosphere surrounding the installation, and people gazed at the work with a sense of wonder. I really enjoyed observing people’s reactions to it.

Illuminares 2012- Illuminated crows-2

Illuminares 2012- Illuminated crows

Many friends stopped by to hang out at our blanket under the tree, which made for a very fun evening.

Illuminares 2012- Illuminated crows-5

Illuminares 2012- Illuminated crows-6

A BIG thank you to Boris for his tremendous help throughout the whole process, and to Scott and Sam for helping de-install at the end of the evening. I could not do half the things I do as an artist without the continued support of friends.

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4 Responses to “Flight of the Albino Crows at Illuminares”

Anne Says:

Looks magical. Thanks for sharing photos as I missed the event.

Martina Lee Says:

The flight of albino crows were hauntingly beautiful under the tree. They certainly did not look like they were not up to murder! Thank you for creating it.

Rachael Says:

Anne, I wish you could’ve made it on Saturday, but I will show this again at some point.

Martina, thank you so much. It was lovely running into you at Illuminares.

Roberta Says:

Beautiful. I wish I was able to see it in person. I really love the direction you are going with this work!