May 2012

29 May

Transforming Books into Visual Art – In Store Demo

Coming this Saturday June 2nd I will be demonstrating my altered book making techniques at a FREE in store demo at the Hastings Street location of Opus Art Supplies. If you’ve been meaning to take one of my workshops this is a good opportunity to have a crash course in transforming old books into art […]

28 May

Altered Books: Thread of Transformation

This finished work took an uncomfortably long time to complete, because it was a commissioned piece with loose parameters and no deadline. I think part of me was scared of messing it up because I had a very special book provided by the client. The book in question was an old chemistry textbook from her […]

24 May

Make Good Art and Other Great Advice for Artists

Listen to the inspiring words of Neil Gaiman as he candidly shares the highs and lows of the freelance artist. There are so many quotable moments from his speech that I’ve listened to this three or four times the last few days. It’s a great reminder to follow your own path, and to remember to […]

23 May

Bowen Island Getaway

Boris and I have been lucky because for the past two weekends we’ve managed to get away from the city. We did a last minute trip to Galiano Island the previous weekend, and stayed on Bowen Island over the long weekend. I really needed the change of scene because it has energized me. The Bowen […]

17 May

A Visit to the 2012 Sketchbook Project Show in Vancouver

Prepare yourselves because I am about to gush excessively and you may get some on you. (Enthusiasm that is). I feel invigorated, inspired, and excited after visiting the 2012 Sketchbook Project travelling show. It was here in Vancouver for only two days with limited hours at W2 Media Cafe. I made a point to visit […]

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