April 2011

26 Apr

Secret Stairway Under the Burrard Bridge

Thanks to an interesting project by Josh Hite and Scott Billings I had the opportunity to visit the secret stairway under the Burrard Bridge last week. It’s been abandoned since the 1930s, and when I visited I could understand why. I imagine it would be a creepy place at night because it certainly was during […]

25 Apr

Second Altered Book Workshop at Chalk Xchange

In two weeks I’ll be teaching my second altered book workshop at Chalk Xchange in the Strathcona area of Vancouver. It’ll be the same class as the previous one from February but with a longer timeframe. The class is on Saturday May 7th, the day before Mother’s day, so I’m suggesting this as a present […]

22 Apr

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Working on the Fairy Tale series has unexpectedly led me to making paper cut work. It’s become more of a focus (or rather obsession) since I made the wolf for the Little Red Riding Hood book. The books I’ve been working on for the last two weeks are the Three Little Pigs with each pig […]

18 Apr

Altered Book: Rose Red & Snow White

Rose Red & Snow White is the story of two little girls, a very angry dwarf, and an enchanted bear. [The full story] I decided to choose this as the inspiration for my second fairy tale altered book because I had photos of both Monique and Siobhan I thought would be perfect for it. The […]

17 Apr

How Much Is That Artist In The Window…?

I really enjoyed spending part of Saturday working in the window at Bird on a Wire Creations yesterday. I brought along a few additional finished altered books to share with people and worked away at folding the pages of a German Readers Digest to show people what I do. It was really nice chatting with […]

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