25 Mar

Inspiration with Instagram

I’ve had my iPhone 4 for a couple months now and I’m really enjoying having it around as a creative tool. I’ve used it to shoot a couple timelapse videos while I worked away on art, but I also use it every day to shoot all sorts of photos. Instagram is my favorite app for sharing these photos, and also my motivation for taking them most of the time. It’s a photo sharing app which connects you with other users, but also allows you to share your photos with external sites like twitter, flickr, and facebook. There are fifteen different filters to manipulate your photos, and they recently added an option of a tilt-shift effect.

This is a selection of the many photos I’ve shared through Instagram over the last few months. I generally strive for sharing interesting and beautiful things – sometimes art, often graffiti, and mostly nature. The app reminds me of the early days of Flickr when sharing photos with a community felt really exciting and inspiring.


Antiquarian books
Antiquarian Books

Late winter sunny day
Late Winter Sunny Day

Inside Big Lou's Butcher Shop
Big Lou’s Butcher Shop


Vintage dress
Vintage Dress

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms

If you’re on Instagram, come and find me. My username is simply Rachael Ashe. I’d love to share photos with you.

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