04 Mar

A Touch of Spring

These are the remaining portraits taken during the same photo shoot as the pink ones in my previous blog post. From the colourful wall of La Casa Gelato Sam and I wandered over to the nearby Strathcona Community garden. This was where I’d hope to shoot all along but I’m glad for the interesting sidetrack by the colour pink.

Awaiting Spring

I’m not sure what purpose is served by the round cement pool I found in one of the garden plots, but I’m guessing it’s a reflecting pool. I’m really glad I found it because it’s a great location. I shot this scene specifically with photo manipulation in mind. I wanted to create something magical and try a slightly different way of processing the image. Along the way I managed to create something that nicely references Alice in Wonderland, which was something Sam and I had talked about ages ago and I’d forgotten.

The final two shots were taken in a different part of the community garden. There wasn’t much else growing at the time because it’s been too cold, but this forsythia bush was happily putting forth it’s first flowers.

A Touch of Spring
A Touch of Spring

At the moment I don’t have anything specific in mind, but I can hardly wait to do another shoot with someone.

© Rachael Ashe