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Spring blossoms

Last month my friend Val Arntzen kicked off a series of open studio days happening on the first Saturday of the next few months until June. March 5th is the next date, and myself and a few other artists will be joining in by opening our own studios (or home in my case) for a mini studio tour through East Van.

Please drop in and join me. I’ll be serving tea, and perhaps something yummy for you to try. I’ll also be showing people how to make paper flowers. The 2011 yellow pages recently arrived and it’s crying out to be made into something else.

First Saturday Open Studios
Date: SATURDAY, MARCH 5th, 2011
Time: 12pm to 5pm
My Address: 1660 East Georgia Street
Studio Tour Map (for March 5th Only)

Participating studios:
Valerie Artnzen at AMP: 800 Keefer St. (at Hawks)
Assemblage & Photography

Robi Smith at Blue Lantern Studio: 1218 East Pender St. (near Clark)
Painting & Collage

Hungry Thumbs Studio: 223 Main Street (near Powell)
Glass, Sculpture, & Assemblage

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February 24th, 2011 | Comments Off on Butterflies, Paper & Leaves Collage

This is the last of the old heat transfer experiments recycled into art that I started working on last week. I ended up completely covering up the original image printed on this cradle frame because it didn’t work well in the collage.

collage paper butterflies
collage paper butterflies-5

I don’t feel I do this random style of composition well, so I was finding it tricky to know when to stop layering things. It’s just on the edge of having too many things going on and becoming a mess. But I love the papers overlapping and the colours are fun.

collage paper butterflies-4
collage paper butterflies-3

As with the previous collage pieces, this is available for purchase through my Etsy shop or in person.

February 22nd, 2011 | Comments Off on Recycling Art Experiments into Collage

If you’re an artist like me who loves to experiment with different ideas and processes, you may have a whole bunch of unsuccessful pieces of not-so-great art taking up space in your studio. Last week I pulled out three of these, all on wooden cradle frames I wanted to reuse. Two of the pieces had heat transfer images printed on the surface, and one was a collage I never felt was “quite right”.


This one is my favorite of the three because I was able to retain some of the previous work with simple additions of Japanese paper and leaves. The face is a statue I photographed in the Egyptian museum in Berlin combined with a photo of lily pads. It’s a style of digital collage I haven’t done in ages (and no longer like).


With this second collage I decided to give it a simple tweak by adding clouds made from book pages and security envelopes. I’ve always like some part of this collage but felt it was more of an experiment than something representative of my “style”. Now I like it much better.


It also ties in nicely with the larger collage I made a few weeks ago with airships (which is sold now, by the way).


The collages are made on wooden cradle frames ready to hang, and are both available for sale through Etsy (and in person).

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