January 2011

30 Jan

Karen’s Room at the Waldorf Hotel

Paul Wong has put together a site-specific installation/performance work in room 103 of the Waldorf Hotel. The room is covered floor to ceiling, windows, furniture, bathroom and all, in bedsheets collected for charities by an activist named Karen. Karen is back at The Hotel from her most-recent goodwill missions around the globe. Karen will be […]

26 Jan

Collage: Birds and threads

There are a few things I’m trying to do at the moment in terms of new work: 1. Make time for experimentation with new ideas and materials 2. Create lower priced inventory 3. Repurpose leftover materials or objects from other projects. These three goals came together with the collage I finished yesterday. I started out […]

24 Jan

2010 in Review and Moving Forward

Even though one year flows into another with no real difference between them, at this time of year it always feels as if we’re about to start something new with the hope of life being better (or maybe just different) in the coming year. It’s a time of reflection on the previous twelve months, mostly […]

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