December 2010

31 Dec

A Year End Review in Twelve Photos

I decided to go through my 2010 flickr archive and select one photo from each month of the year, while avoiding selecting any artwork. This is what I came away with. It’s mostly nature themed, except for the coffee cup that says “fart”. Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011. I plan to be EVEN MORE creative, productive, […]

22 Dec

Yuletide Christmas Gif

I wanted to shoot a fun portrait of Boris and myself to send out as a digital Christmas card. We finally got around to doing this the other evening but I wasn’t quite happy with the results. The portrait wasn’t creative or fun enough to suit me so I decided to take seven photos from […]

19 Dec

Collage: Birds of a Feather

This particular cradle frame panel has been hanging around unfinished or half-started (depending on your perspective) for a couple of years. I did a gel medium transfer of an ink jet print of one of my photos and overlay this with a semi-transparent spiral patterned Japanese paper. That’s as far as I got with the […]

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