November 2010

25 Nov

Highlighting (Other) Artists in the Eastside Culture Crawl

One of the downsides of taking part in the Eastside Culture Crawl as an artist is that I’ll be tied to my venue all weekend long and won’t get to see everyone else’s work. (Insert sadface here).The Crawl is an event I look forward to attending every year and now I get to experience it […]

24 Nov

Hiding Behind a Brilliant Façade

These were taken almost three years apart but they both capture a similar feeling. I decided to revisit this idea because I felt like taking a self portrait last week but wanted to hide my face and do something with an umbrella. I like the most recent one better because the shadow gives it more […]

22 Nov

Eastside Culture Crawl: Promoting All the Ladies

Just in case you needed another reason to visit during the Eastside Culture Crawl, how about the chance to win handmade things? I’m teaming up with four other women artists in the area to help promote each other’s studios. Visit our five studios over the Crawl weekend to receive a stamp from each location and […]

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