September 2010

30 Sep

Raising Time For The Vancouver Timeraiser

Artists frequently get approached to donate their work to charity silent auctions, which means instead of getting money for your valuable inventory, you get a tax receipt. These do not pay bills and I’m sure most artists have plenty to write off as it is. The Vancouver Timeraiser has a different approach to working both […]

30 Sep

Concluding Container Art

Earlier this week Boris and I were lucky enough to see Arcade Fire play at the Pacific Coliseum, which is on the grounds of the PNE. We sat in a private box with a great view of the concert, and also enjoyed catered food. It was the closing party for the Container Art show, and […]

28 Sep

10 Good Things From The Weekend

1. Finding the energy (somewhere) to make it to both events I wanted to go to on Friday. 2. Sitting around in someone else’s studio and working on art together with other artists. This thrilled me to no end. 3. Drinks with friends and a most delicious lemon trifle dessert. 4. Cleaning our apartment. No […]

24 Sep

Altered Book: Constellation Of The Great Bear

When I pulled the bear out to work with I started thinking about polar bears but then inspiration led me (and I can’t remember how) to the constellation of Ursa Major. I felt this was a much more interesting idea to work with and sorted through my other materials looking for further items to incorporate […]

22 Sep

Altered Book: Heralding The Dawn Of A New Day

The bag of animals made of wood has been a wonderful thing to work with so far. I’m enjoying pulling out each animal and choosing a different one each time to create a home for in an altered book. I’ve always adored this rooster for his proud posture and decided to run with the cliche […]

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