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It’s my birthday today and I thought I’d mark it with a self portrait. I haven’t taken one in quite some time and last year I didn’t do a birthday portrait because I wasn’t feeling great. A year later and things are much better because I’ve made a lot of the changes and taken my life in a direction I’ve always wanted to go.

This photo didn’t turn out at all how I was visualizing it in my head, but I’m happy with it. I love my goofy facial expression and the magic of floating mid-air in my bedroom.

July 25th, 2010 | Comments Off on Art on the Street


I love this raven and tree paste up, as see near Granville Island and Fourth Avenue.


Interesting work by Office Supplies Incorporated.

The coffee cup that says fart. This cracks me up.

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Forgotten Knowledge

This week I’ve been working away at the individual altered books that will be assembled into the installation for the Container Art show. I set a goal to complete ten of these by the end of this week and as of yesterday afternoon I finished number eight. I’m very pleased with how this project is slowly coming together. Once all the books are finished I need to do further planning on how these will be displayed. My idea has evolved a bit since I wrote up the proposal over a month ago.

Forgotten Knowledge-4

Forgotten Knowledge-3

Forgotten Knowledge-2

These details shots feature an oyster shell, a barnacle covered rock, and two dried oyster mushrooms. Everything was collected on my last trip to Bowen Island.