May 2010

26 May

Tangled Threads

I first met Kirsten Chursinoff at Northern Voice a few years ago, when she came up to chat with me between sessions. She recognized me from Flickr and as we talked I realized I’d seen her textile work a few years before at The Secret Garden Tea Company. This portrait session was very much inspired […]

23 May

A Vibrant Embrace

Sometimes I don’t have a clear idea of how I want to photograph the person I’ve asked to pose for one of my portraits. This was the case with Kristi, though I did know I wanted to use a natural setting. My original idea was to use her garden as the setting, but it was […]

17 May

Nature Is An Infinite Sphere

Since starting this portrait series back in September, when I’m out walking I find myself constantly scouting for interesting locations to do more shoots. I was out on a walk in Stanley Park when I came across this wonderful tree. I knew it was the perfect spot to photograph Jess, who I’d just asked the […]

13 May

Altered Book: Experimenting with Pull Tabs

I did a quick project yesterday to experiment with putting a pull tab mechanism, with object, into a book. I really like the results, though I’m not treating what I’ve made as a finished product. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, think back to those childhood pop-ups books where you come […]

11 May

Mailing List Postcard Giveaway

Yes, you heard that right. I am giving away free postcard sets to the mailing list subscribers for my monthly newsletter. If you’re not already signed up please go here to add your name and email address. I will be drawing three names and announcing them on Friday. The postcard sets include five different collage […]

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