April 2010

29 Apr

The Weekend Roundup of Artsy Goodness

I’ll be out of town this weekend, which I’m really excited about but it means missing out on a whole bunch of interesting things going on in town. Make It! The Handmade Revolution: A shopping extravaganza of handmade items by local designers and artisans. Boris and I went to this last year and saw many […]

27 Apr

Altered Book: King of the Beasts

I’ve had a love of lions since I was a kid because I was born under the astrological sign of Leo. I have also always wanted one as a pet because taking a lion for a walk would be so cool, at least until it decided to eat someone, or someone’s dog, or me. I […]

26 Apr

On Butterfly Wings

I really should do a better job of blogging the portraits I’ve been shooting because when I write about them weeks later I’m never sure what to say. I’m so much better about this with the altered books. This particular portrait session was very exciting because it presented the opportunity to work with Petrina as […]

22 Apr

Altered Book: Living Well, Sip by Sip

First off the basic idea of this book, the style of folding the pages, was completely inspired by a wonderful altered book by Sharon McCartney. I liked the shape created by folding the pages in half lengthwise and tucking each one into the book. I also loved the idea of creating a niche within folded […]

20 Apr

Artist: Ruth Asawa

A friend is in San Francisco this week, and last night her tweet about Alamo Square had me revisiting my photos on Flickr taken in SF on a trip there a few years ago. The trip down memory lane reminded me of these shots taken in the deYoung Museum of three sculptures by Ruth Asawa. […]

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