February 2010

25 Feb

Little Stories: Transforming the Book

For the month of March my altered books will be hanging on the walls of local starup tech company Bootup Labs, located in the newly renovated Flack Block on the edge of Gastown. I kind of miss having them around our apartment but it’s nice not to have them covering every single surface and hanging […]

24 Feb

Altered Book: In The Shade of the Cherry Blossoms

I bought the four little old men made of clay on an impulse back in the fall. I was killing time in one of those everything-and-the-kitchen-sink Asian shops one rainy day, and decided to look for tea cups to use in an altered book. I found the tea cups and decided little clay men would […]

23 Feb

Swirling Twirling Veils of Fabric

I’ve fallen a bit off track with my portrait series the last few weeks because I’ve been very focused on other things. It’s also been tricky scheduling people during the Olympic craziness. This portrait features Andrea and was taken towards the end of January. I bought three large pieces of transparent fabrics from Dressew in […]

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