29 Dec

I have a new baby…

Forest walk

…the Lensbaby composer. It was a very generous Christmas present from my mom. I took it out for a test run when I went walking in the forest on Bowen both Christmas and Boxing day. I’m fascinated with the design of the lens, not just for it’s tilt/shift abilities, but because of the interchangeable f-stop rings that are slipped in and out of the lens using a magnet.

Christmas day on Bowen

Christmas day on Bowen

As you can see, I’ve mostly used the lens for nature shots so far. I want to do a series of test shots trying out each f-stop ring on the same subject for comparison, and I also want to try this lens with portraits. Part of me feels the lens is a bit too gimmicky, but the creative part of me will probably prove that wrong.

© Rachael Ashe