November 2009

27 Nov

Altered Book: Bears Never Dream of Running Away to Join the Circus

It’s really frustrating when I spend a lot of time working on something and when I’m done I don’t feel happy with it. That’s how I felt about this altered book Wednesday afternoon after spending most of the day on it. I felt the composition was too busy and I’d managed to completely de-emphasize the […]

22 Nov

Last Colours of Autumn

My friend Kai was the second out of town guest in Vancouver during the month of October, and of course I made sure to take her portrait for the series. Kai has a red winter coat just like I do and I wanted to include it in the shot. I hadn’t intended to fill the […]

19 Nov

Altered Book: The Butterfly Effect

This is my seventh altered book, which kind of amazes me because I only started making these in mid-September. I’ve been wanting to make more before deciding what to do next in regards to showing and selling them. I want to have a group of them all together and get an overview of where I’m […]

18 Nov

Threads & Needles

In September I kicked off my new portrait series with a bang by shooting four of them in one month. In October I decided shooting two a month would be a more reasonable pace, and both subjects ended up being people from out of town. My sister Kathryn was in Vancouver visiting for eight days […]

16 Nov

Ten Wonderful Things From the Weekend

1. Taking the train to Seattle and enjoying the beautiful view from the window. I saw about a million different bird species flying, gliding, or bobbing in the water as we went past. 2. A relaxing Friday afternoon spent in the Turkish Baths at the Banya 5 Spa in Seattle. 3. A long long afternoon […]

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