October 21st, 2009

Some days are just like that...

Five Wonderful Things:
1. Picking up my red umbrella from The Umbrella Shop on Broadway where I’d taken it for repair, and finding out they fixed it for FREE. (Buy an umbrella there because they are awesome!)
2. Getting starting on altered book number five.
3. Creating a button design to submit for the upcoming One Hot Inch Action show.
4. The amazing power of alone time to re-energize and pull my attitude about life out of the toilet.
5. The little Chickadees and House Finches that come to visit my fourth floor birdfeeder.

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3 Responses to “The Return of the Red Umbrella”

Ariane Says:

1. talking too late on the phone
2. finishing the dress made of an XXL darth drupal t-shirt just in time for the summit.
3. seattle!
4. october craziness almost over
5. it’s still warm out
6. this photo of my friend ryan and his gf http://www.flickr.com/photos/42631349@N02/3988783231/
7. geekery
8. alone time
9. cute boys
10. cute boys!!!

Kat Says:

I was having some buyers regret with my umbrella, then it rained. Took ‘er for stroll & it was awesome. Both the dude & were under it. Sure made for a much better walk in the rain.

Rachael Says:

Ariane, that is an excellent list of ten good things. I’m not sure why your comment ended up in spam, but thank goodness I noticed it.

Kathy, a good umbrella is terrific asset on a rainy day. Also in photo shoots. ­čśÇ