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My interest in collage and altered books has compelled me to become a scavenger. When I am wandering around outside I am always on the lookout for interesting bits of natural materials, like the above acorn caps I found the other day as I walked back to work after an errand. I pick up things like this because there is something about them that attracts me, like the shapes, even if I have no idea how I can use them in future work.


These are some of the many feathers I’ve collected or been given and I’ve started keeping them all together in box. The feathers in the photo above are a mix from peahens, chickens and crows. I have lots of lovebird feathers as well as ones from a cockatoo.


Leaf skeletons are another natural item I’m always on the look out for, but they aren’t easy to find since Vancouver’s wet climate typically causes leaves to rot away. In the spring I came across layers of magnolia leaf skeletons under a bush in Stanley Park and I’ve used a few of them in my work, but I haven’t come across any more since then. Anne gave me the small box of holly leaf skeletons pictured here, and they are absolutely lovely.

Hopefully my collecting won’t get too out of control as time goes on, but it’s pretty typical of collage makers to have HUGE stashes of stuff. I guess the theory is that you can never have too much material to work with.

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Altered Book: Close Your Eyes and Think About a Place You Want to Go

This was a frustrating piece to work on because of my idea to use thread. I wanted to create structure with the thread by wrapping it around and across the rusty wires. It was tricky trying to keep the thread tight and untangled, but also threading it around the wires in the first place was maddening at times because I needed more hands. I also had to be careful not to snap the wires or accidentally rip them back out of the book they’d already been glued into. I’m sure Boris heard quite a few noises of frustration as I worked on this. The rusty wires are old bed springs I scavenged the last time I was on Bowen.

Material in this altered book: Japanese paper, book, rubber stamping with ink, beach glass, thread, rusted bed springs, and Lovebird tail feathers from the Yuukster.

Awaken to the deep interconnectedness of the universe-2
Detail of the thread wrapping and rusty bed spring.

Awaken to the deep interconnectedness of the universe
Detail of the rolled pages from the bottom.

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Some days are just like that...

Five Wonderful Things:
1. Picking up my red umbrella from The Umbrella Shop on Broadway where I’d taken it for repair, and finding out they fixed it for FREE. (Buy an umbrella there because they are awesome!)
2. Getting starting on altered book number five.
3. Creating a button design to submit for the upcoming One Hot Inch Action show.
4. The amazing power of alone time to re-energize and pull my attitude about life out of the toilet.
5. The little Chickadees and House Finches that come to visit my fourth floor birdfeeder.