August 2009

31 Aug

Ten Good Things from the Weekend

1. Time to myself at last! 2. Down time at last! 3. Quality time with my cute boy at last! 4. Asking for an adventure on Sunday and getting an excellent breakfast at the Twisted Fork (found by chance) followed by fun times at the PNE. 5. The return of my freshly repaired Contax film […]

30 Aug

52 Weeks Blurb Book

I feel as if the summer of 2009 has been a very satisfying one as far as finally accomplishing some of the things I’ve been meaning to do for years… The collage post cards were one of those things I’d been thinking about forever, and publishing a Blurb book was another. Finally both are a […]

26 Aug

Postcards. Get your red hot postcards.

One of the many bits of terrific information I learned in my “Artist Survival Skills” course with Chris Tyrell was about creating a vertical inventory of my work. This means creating a variety of work with different price points that allow me to cater to more than one audience. The idea behind this is to […]

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