May 31st, 2009


Little did you realize that each and every flower has a symbolic meaning. I rediscovered this recently via Conscientious and a link to an extensive list of the symbolic meaning of flowers. I recall as a teen that roses had different meanings depending on the colour, and girls always wanted red ones because they represented love, while yellow represented friendship.


I’ve always been more of a tulip loving girl, with a passion for dahlias and for poppies when they’re in season. At the moment the poppies are out in full force and I’ve been celebrating their yearly appearance by taking a million photos.

Pink poppies

And what you might ask, is the symbolic meaning of poppies? Imagination, dreaminess, and eternal sleep.

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One Response to “The Meaning of Poppies”

Kat Says:

eternal sleep? Really? Cuz I’d use just some sleep (maybe some chocolate too)