May 27th, 2009

As mentioned many times on the blog, I’ve been exploring mixed media collage techniques with the goal of creating one piece a week in a moleskin sketchbook. I managed to keep this up for about a year and a half and learned a lot in the process. Earlier this spring I decided the sketchbook format was too limited so I switched to using cradle frames (wooden panels) as the base for my collage work. These are some of the pieces I have finished so far.

Mixed Media collage - Little Birds
Little Birds, 10″ x 10″
Mixed media collage, using Japanese paper, sheet music, book pages, rubber stamps, watercolours, gel medium, and a magnolia leaf skeleton.

This work is listed on Etsy with further detail photos.

Mixed Media collage - Black Birds
Black Birds, 8″ x 8″
Mixed media collage, using Japanese paper, paper, book pages, gel medium transfer, acrylic paint, and rubber stamps.

This work is listed on Etsy with further detail photos.

With this new work I decided to implement a new pricing system based on price per square inch. My pricing technique in the past has been random and often resulted in under selling. Going forward t will be nice to have a proper system as reference. This simple idea was inspired by information I’ve been learning in the Professional Visual Arts Career Management workshop I’ve been taking the last two weeks with Chris Tyrell. It’s been the right kick in the pants I’ve needed for awhile to get on track with taking my art career seriously.

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Nicole Dextras Says:

i have a few cradle frames to give you. they are at my studio with your name on it.