March 2009

30 Mar

Artfest 2009

On Wednesday morning I’m leaving for an artist retreat taking place at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, Washington. The event, Artfest 2009, is something I’ve been looking forward to since I first registered back in September. I’ll be taking a series of workshops over the course of my time there. I’m really excited about learning […]

23 Mar

Art Night

For the last couple of years I’ve been organizing an evening to provide friends with the opportunity to work on creative projects. I started doing it because I kept hearing so many people express a wish for more time to [insert neglected project here] and felt this way myself. I think this is because the […]

22 Mar

Portraits by window light

These are two recent portraits that are favorites of mine of two of my favorite people. I want to shoot more portraits again, and try to apply the level of creativity I use in my self portraits to portraits of other people. It’ll be tricky because the ideas for my self portraits tend to come […]

11 Mar

Yuuki the ColorSplash star

Yuuki had his second paid modeling gig a few weeks ago that I’m sure is certain to lead to superstardom for him. Hendrik needed a colourful subject to showcase the abilities of his latest iPhone app, ColorSplash, and to use in a banner image at the iTunes online store. Hendrik shot both myself and Yuuki […]

04 Mar

2nd Annual Plastic Camera Show – RayKo Photo Gallery

Apparently the opening was a big success for the 2nd Annual Plastic Camera Show I’m in at RayKo Photo Gallery in San Francisco. I wish I could make a trip to San Francisco to see it… Thankfully the gallery has provided thorough photographic documentation of how things look, and I even spotted my own work […]

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