February 26th, 2009

Weekly Moleskin collage - February 18, 2009

This is a collage that almost doesn’t look like a collage. Last week I wanted to make something really busy, crazy and colourful. I went through some of the old magazines I have tucked under my couch (for just such a purpose) and tore out anything colourful and patterned. It was fun to layer these together and create this crazy eye-blasting composition. The bit of text I included, “the only constant is change”, is from a book of slogan stickers given to me by Zak. It seemed appropriate to the collage and the state of things last week.

P.S. A thanks again to Lloyd Budd for upgrading WordPress on my site while we hung out at Northern Voice last weekend. We did a trade, and my part was to show him how to use his Rebel XTi. I don’t do this very often and a lot of camera stuff is just second nature now, so it’s always interesting for me to try and explain things like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. I think it rocked his world just like his upgrade of WordPress rocked mine.

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2 Responses to “Weekly Moleskin Collage – February 18, 2009”

Lloyd Budd Says:

I definitely came out well in the trade! I’m enjoying experimenting with field of depth. Thank you so much!

Rachael Says:

Maybe we should go on a photo walk when Boris and I come to Victoria next weekend.