29 Dec

I have a new baby…

…the Lensbaby composer. It was a very generous Christmas present from my mom. I took it out for a test run when I went walking in the forest on Bowen both Christmas and Boxing day. I’m fascinated with the design of the lens, not just for it’s tilt/shift abilities, but because of the interchangeable f-stop […]

23 Dec

Creative Excellence Takes Time

The wise words of Ira Glass on why creative excellence takes time. I found listening to this very gratifying, especially the part about self-directed projects and deadlines to work towards, because it’s what I’ve been doing for the past two years with fruitful results. I’m producing the best work of my life (so far) and […]

22 Dec

Altered book: Swimming in a Sea of Words

As mentioned in a previous blog post, rummaging through my art supplies inspired me to create an altered book with fish. It may just be that I have fish on the brain lately, but rummaging through my supplies reminded me of the gold paper fish I’d bought from Urban Source over the summer. It was […]

17 Dec

Underneath an Imaginary Sea

When I came up with the idea to do a portrait with goldfish swimming around my friend Kay, I realized the only way I could pull it off was to get real fish. I needed to be able to photograph them under the same lighting conditions I would be shooting Kay in order to make […]

16 Dec

Kay and Betsey Johnson

When Kay came over to be photographed for the series a few weeks ago she brought a selection of Betsey Johnson dresses and crinolines with her to wear. They were all pretty specular but I loved this one the best because of the bright mix of colours. I usually ask my portrait subjects to bring […]

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