October 28th, 2008

Golden leaves

This came my way from Ariane.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
- working on a series of graveyard photos printed with liquid light on roof tiles
- on a month long trip in Spain and Italy with my cousin
- working at the Peel Heritage Complex
- learning Photoshop/Illustrator/QuarkXpress/html/
- wishing for better things in my life probably

5 Things on my to-do list today:
- write a letter to my mom and mail two other letters
- research various costs for travel in Japan
- research images from The Birds and Vertigo
- go for a walk to enjoy the sunshine
- laundry

5 snacks I like:
- chips
- grapefruit cut by Zak
- candied ginger
- almonds
- crunchy apples

5 Things I would do it I was a millionaire:
- buy a live/work space, and fill it with equipment to enable a variety of creative projects
- give my sister a tonne of money towards her new house
- go on a year long trip around the world
- help friends in need of some extra cash
- buy a fancy new bike

5 Places I’ve Lived in (for various lengths of time):
- Brampton, Ontario
- The Annex, Toronto
- Christchurch, New Zealand
- Aliston, Ontario
- Vancouver, BC

5 Jobs I have had:
- Digital Artist at a photography studio
- Photographer, Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto
- Gallery Assistant and Installer
- Picture framer
- Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

5 People I tag:
- I’ll name no names. Please do this meme if you wanna. :)

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3 Responses to “Five Things Meme”

Ariane Says:

Wow, you’re a good sport, I wasn’t sure anyone would do this… :-) learned some new Rachael factoids though, fun!

Kathryn Says:

wow – I haven’t really thought about things in the past (much). It makes me realize that 10 years ago I was trapped in a shitty relationship that I was too afraid to leave, had a shit job & little prospect for doing better.

I will happily take your $. Still totally freaking out and I think everyone that embarks on home ownership does.

Love and HUGS!

Rachael Says:

I realize later on yesterday evening that ten years ago this Christmas was when Granny passed away and mom was diagnosed with colon cancer for the first time.