October 2008

28 Oct

Five Things Meme

This came my way from Ariane. 5 Things I was doing 10 years ago: – working on a series of graveyard photos printed with liquid light on roof tiles – on a month long trip in Spain and Italy with my cousin – working at the Peel Heritage Complex – learning Photoshop/Illustrator/QuarkXpress/html/ – wishing for […]

26 Oct

Jellyfish are Pretty

Good Things: 1. Having a weekend that was busy, fun, and restful. 2. Hanging out at Blenz writing letters, drinking hot chocolate, and doodling on someone’s arm. 3. Getting inspired to work on a new project and it’s due in two weeks. 4. Spending time wandering the city, hanging out with a friend, looking in […]

13 Oct


I celebrated thanksgiving dinner with friends yesterday evening, and one of the questions asked was, “what are you thankful for?” The conversation was sidetracked well before it came time for me to answer, but it had been the exact question I’d been asking myself in an unfinished blog entry mere hours before. I wasn’t able […]

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