September 23rd, 2008

Waterlilies in VanDusen Gardens.

I am looking for recommendations on interesting, funny, entertaining, or inspiring blogs to read. I feel like I am in a blog rut and would like some help getting out of it. Make some suggestions please, and base it on the ones YOU like rather than what you think I’d like.

A blog I recently started reading is Cake Wrecks on the recommendation of Susie. It isn’t normally something I would read but it’s hilarious! Who knew there was a trend in realistic cake portraiture. (Creepy.)

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10 Responses to “Tell Me What You’re Reading”

filmgoerjuan Says:

Lately I’ve been enjoying:

Heading East – wonderful personal/photography blog. Lots of interesting links to new and upcoming photographers. Beautiful posts about his family. He’s also on Flickr (and well worth adding as a contact).

Sweet Juniper! – a personal blog written by a husband/wife team. Lots of child raising stuff, but it’s beautifully written and often quite amusing/poignant.

Photon Detector – photography blog. Lots of interesting camera related stuff. A lot of new film and lens posts, but also a healthy supple of trashcam/toycam stuff too.

Saturday Morning Blog – classic cartoons and childrens’ shows from our youth.

Stewart Says:

A few things I like to read:
One post a week, on a sunday.
Nice mix of a word, photos and tastes of everyday life
I’m a long time fan of Cringely, by a long time I mean at least 16 years!

Rachael Says:

Thank you both for your suggestions. I haven’t had a chance to take a look at these as yet, but I like the sound of some of them.

Stewart, I am subscribed to Postsecret but haven’t looked at it in ages.

Ariane Says: (i think you already know it though) (i don’t always read cause the posts are long, but they’re very good) (sarah kramer of vegan cookbook fame) (this is actually daveo’s podcast, infrequent but awesome) (also infrequent, but good)

Maktaaq Says:

Oh, there are a few I really look forward to each day, that maybe you haven’t read:

16 Days Under the Sundae: Sometime Vancouver resident and my former coworker, Raspberry is trying to make a new life for herself in San Diego; it’s a personal blog. She’s had a pretty interesting and somewhat tumultuous life so far in the blog (see archives). Nice person and good writer.

Litblitz: This Baltimore sort-of friend (online friend?) of mine writes about her numerous rejection letters from literary magazines. She seems like a sweet person, is always optimistic, and I am hoping that one day her short stories will be famous.

Hebdomeros: A Washington DC writer/librarian who reviews books I almost invariably want to then read. Seems like a really nice guy and has a lot of cool literary hobbies.

Maktaaq Says:

I don’t know why my link for Raspberry’s blog didn’t work, but here it is.

Rachael Says:

Thanks Oana. I can’t wait to check these out. They sound great.

Kirsti Says:

I read for the pictures for a quick jolt of inspiration whether it be colour, pattern or an inspiring line (the drawn sort):

design related:
Black Eiffel:
Design for Mankind:

Illustration related:

for inspired and inspiring illustration and to satisfy my cravings for Scandinavian design sensibility and the repressed minimalist in me: Camilla Engman:

fantastic line work and a brave, unapologetic sketch blog:

illustration and painting info etc in easy to digest, well organised posts: James Gurney:

Art general:
contemporary art roundup – Hunt and Gather:

book collection on Book By Its Cover:

Fellow kid lit colleague kc dyer, whose blog I like to follow to see what new object/piece of furniture/electronic device etc her dog Silas has chewed beyond recognition:

Kathryn Says:

Holly crap. . . now I have to go and check out all of these. But I thought I would add a few knitting ones. Just for you! she makes me laugh & think laugh & wonder (PG!!)