September 2008

29 Sep

A Beautiful Place to Explore

I am always amazed when pictures, like the one above, get far more attention than they deserve because they’ve made it into Explore on flickr. It was a beautiful place, but I’ve hardly done it justice with this shot. I guess it frustrates me because photography is my art of choice and I’ve put effort […]

23 Sep

Tell Me What You’re Reading

Waterlilies in VanDusen Gardens. I am looking for recommendations on interesting, funny, entertaining, or inspiring blogs to read. I feel like I am in a blog rut and would like some help getting out of it. Make some suggestions please, and base it on the ones YOU like rather than what you think I’d like. […]

22 Sep

Life is an Art

Week 21 – Life is an Art. From the 52 Weeks self portrait series. Good things from the weekend: – a delicious meal that came in many small bowls, followed by a very tasty dessert – all made by Zak. – Saturday brunch at the Sandbar on Granville Island – the fastest trip through Ikea […]

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