September 2008

29 Sep

A Beautiful Place to Explore

I am always amazed when pictures, like the one above, get far more attention than they deserve because they’ve made it into Explore on flickr. It was a beautiful place, but I’ve hardly done it justice with this shot. I guess it frustrates me because photography is my art of choice and I’ve put effort […]

23 Sep

Tell Me What You’re Reading

Waterlilies in VanDusen Gardens. I am looking for recommendations on interesting, funny, entertaining, or inspiring blogs to read. I feel like I am in a blog rut and would like some help getting out of it. Make some suggestions please, and base it on the ones YOU like rather than what you think I’d like. […]

22 Sep

Life is an Art

Week 21 – Life is an Art. From the 52 Weeks self portrait series. Good things from the weekend: – a delicious meal that came in many small bowls, followed by a very tasty dessert – all made by Zak. – Saturday brunch at the Sandbar on Granville Island – the fastest trip through Ikea […]

17 Sep

Weekly and Monthly

Travis recently blogged about setting goals, and it was a post I’d really intended on writing a response to…ages ago. It didn’t get done, obviously because I didn’t make a point to do it and now those thoughts inspired by his post are gone. (Sigh) What I can say is this: over the last few […]

15 Sep

Angel & Devil

Good things from the weekend: 1. Beautiful dahlias from the Kitsilano Farmers Market. 2. Walks and talks to and from Jericho Beach. 3. Fresh made egg pancakes with sugar and lemon. 4. Laughing over my seat adjustment antics in the truck with Hendrik. 5. A long leisurely Sunday afternoon.

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