August 2008

28 Aug

Inside the Abandoned House

A few shots taken with my holga inside an abandoned house, from a few weeks back. It’s a location I’m hoping to return to sometime soon and do a more thorough job of photographing.

27 Aug

Mask in the Window

On Sunday afternoon I checked out the Comicon and Zinefair at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was an event taking place in conjunction with Krazy, the comic/manga/anime focused show that’s been at the VAG for the last few months (go see it if you haven’t yet.) It was a good little comicon, spread over three […]

24 Aug

The Story of Red

Week 18 – More Poppies. From the 52 weeks self portrait series. From the inside cover of Boris’ little red pocket notebook: Red is one of the few colours – along with white and black – found in every language known to humankind. Red is the colour of fire, the colour of blood, the colour […]

© Rachael Ashe