June 2008

30 Jun

Week 10 – Peonies and art

The rest of my 52 weeks set on flickr. Sometimes it is a struggle to take a self portrait every week. Most of the time I don’t really feel like taking my own photo, and then there is the lack of inspiration… I really want to use this project as a means for producing a […]

27 Jun

Happy Friday

Five Good Things from the last two days: 1. Lemon meringue tarts from the Swiss bakery at 3rd and Quebec 2. Making dinner for two good friends, and making sure a third friend enjoyed a lemon tart after a stressful day. 3. Being one of the first thirty people to have lunch at the newly […]

26 Jun


I’m really looking forward to the upcoming show of collaborative works by Neal Nolan and Eben Bender. He’s one of my favorite Vancouver-based artists. The above shot is one of his most recent pieces (located on Pender Street), and he was also one of 150 Vancouver artists in last Saturday evening’s “Cheaper Show” in Gastown. […]

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