February 7th, 2008

Some days are just like that...
Some days are just like that…


These are two of the shots I submit for Utata’s Iron Photographer 41 project. The requirements for the shot were an umbrella, shot inside, and cinematic aspect ratio. The rest is left up to interpretation. I decided to shoot things and go with experimenting with different treatments in photoshop. The texture comes from the CD included with the book called Crumble.Crackle.Burn on loan from a friend.

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3 Responses to “Utata – Iron Photographer 41”

Laura Bucci Says:

Beautiful images. I love the layering of textures and the colours.

Rachael Says:

Thanks Laura. It was an enjoyable project to do.

degan Says:

gorgous! i love the action/stillness in the parasol one!