February 2008

27 Feb

Coming in for a landing

I am at the beginning of sorting out a theme for a new body of work. I have birds on the brain as the main subject but I’m not sure where I want to go with them. I think ultimately this will be another large-scale image transfer project on either metal or wood, but deciding […]

24 Feb

Light painting at Moosecamp

Stewart Marshall My light painting session at Northern Voice was a big success on Friday afternoon. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, and hopefully they learned something too. For me it was incredibly fun and inspiring to see such a large group of people creatively collaborating together, and I think we did some really great […]

22 Feb

See you at Northern Voice

Untitled – Light painting portrait of Kirsti I will be at Northern Voice for the next two days. It is the third year in a row I’ll be in attendance, and this year I’m involved as an assistant organizer of activities for Moosecamp. I’m hoping to revisit the meatspace mashup people graphs I did last […]

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