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1/100 - Bill MacEwan

3/100 - Megan Cole

Brittney blogged about the 100 Strangers project on Utata’s Daily Ink a few weeks back and it got me thinking about doing this as a project myself. The challenge: Take 100 photographs of at least 100 people you don’t know. Approach a person or group of people and ask for permission to both take a photo of them and to post it to this group.

I gave myself an easy start by asking people I met at Launch Party 3 – a local networking event and a situation where most people are already expecting to be photographed. Because I was shooting with the Olympus XA loaded with 800 ISO film, I had to make use of a “studio” lighting set up someone had in one corner of the room. Lucky for me this was there, otherwise it would’ve been to dark for my camera. The above two photos are two of the four I shot that evening. I don’t think they make for particularly good portraiture, but I felt frustrated by the limitations of the Olympus XA. It won’t be what I use from now on, if I can help it.

Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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Clarion alley


The life on any street project is never long

I took many photos of graffiti and street art when I was in San Francisco back in October. I’d completely forgotten to upload them to flickr until now. A lot of these were taken in Clarion Alley in the Mission. I have made the rest of the set private but you can view them with this guest pass.

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The black sheep

Moleskin collage

She ponders his feet in the air.

These are scans of my moleskin sketchbook.

For more collage journal goodness, check out the work of Teesha Moore.

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