November 2007

26 Nov

Living Room: Conscious art and design

Two of my metal prints made their way to Los Angeles a few weeks back, and are on display as part of a group show called the Living Room at Metro Gallery. The lovely Jody Miller did me the kind favour of visiting the gallery to take a few installation shots on my behalf. The […]

14 Nov

Metal prints on Etsy

As an artist, I’ve found it very difficult to develop the skill of promoting and selling my work. I think this is something many artists struggle with and why so many of us never get anywhere. Sometimes it can be a lack of confidence (“why would anyone be interested in my stuff…?) but often it […]

04 Nov

A very tall tree in the tea garden

I’m up for the second time this morning after a very late night of going to bed at the magical hour when 2am becomes 1am again. I was looking at my cell phone when it changed back. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen before. Neat. And even though I went to bed THAT […]

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