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Living Room

Two of my metal prints made their way to Los Angeles a few weeks back, and are on display as part of a group show called the Living Room at Metro Gallery. The lovely Jody Miller did me the kind favour of visiting the gallery to take a few installation shots on my behalf. The work looks wonderful.

Living Room

“Living Room: Conscious Art and Design,” organized by guest curator Diana Barash, is an exhibition about artists and designers that are inspired to create artwork which reflects their sensitivity to the environment."

Living Room: Conscious art and design
Metro Gallery Contemporary Fine Art
November 17th 2007 to January 5th, 2008
1835 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles
Gallery hours: Wed – Sat 12 to 7pm

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As an artist, I’ve found it very difficult to develop the skill of promoting and selling my work. I think this is something many artists struggle with and why so many of us never get anywhere. Sometimes it can be a lack of confidence (“why would anyone be interested in my stuff…?) but often it can be a dislike of self promotion. Somehow, somewhere, someone gave the art of putting yourself out there and promoting your work a bad name, but really its just in how you do it.

I’ve learned by making my work known, by putting it “out there”, I get to do more of it and the more places people can see my work the more it gets seen. And if all goes well when having a public exhibition and I sell my work, it helps me afford to make more of it.

And now here’s the part where I tell you the two places online where my work can be purchased:

I have just uploaded a fresh batch of small metal prints to etsy, featuring a selection of holga tree photos from my exhibition at Radha Yoga in October. And on Imagekind I have made some of my photoshop image manipulations available as prints. Please do check them out.

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A very tall tree in the tea garden

I’m up for the second time this morning after a very late night of going to bed at the magical hour when 2am becomes 1am again.
I was looking at my cell phone when it changed back.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen before.
And even though I went to bed THAT late my body clock still insisted I be awake for 6am.