September 2007

07 Sep

Line up to see Cat Women on the Moon.

I love this series of photos by Susan Burnstine as featured in a gallery at File Magazine. It inspires in me both a desire to run out and photograph animals, and break out my neglected pinhole camera.

03 Sep

Shutter released

If you are looking for a new coffee shop to try in Vancouver, do check out Re-entry on Main Street near 28th Avenue. I can’t recommend their coffee personally (because I don’t drink it) but I’m told it’s really good. I had an ovaltine, because I was impressed they had such a thing on the […]

02 Sep

Happy family

This was taken about a month ago. Benoit contacted me about photographing him and his wife Julie shortly before she was to give birth to their first child. We discussed a few ideas beforehand and Benoit requested I use some of my favorite tools during the shoot – red fabric, the holga camera, and cross-process […]

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