August 2007

09 Aug

Through our dreams, we grow…

Yesterday I decided that if I ever have loads of cash I am going to open an artists’s resource centre. It’ll be a place where people who are in the process of working on a show can come and borrow things they need, like a ladder, matte cutters and other framing bits, random tools, and […]

08 Aug

Looking for art

While I’m remembering, I thought I’d post some links to a few of the galleries and artist’s work I saw in Seattle a week and a half ago. I took the above photo with the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim as I was wandering around Pioneer Square looking for galleries. Paintings by Flora S. Bowley […]

07 Aug

There is something crawling up your leg…

A good article from the Tyee about Alan Sirulnikoff and his photographs of Vancouver graffiti. I like the collection of photos in the online gallery accompanying the article.

01 Aug

Swimming upstream

I put these three shots together a few days ago, and now that I am looking at them again I’m not sure I like it. These were taken at the Ballard Lochs in Seattle. The spirals are a series of ten metal sculptures installed near the fish ladder, and the fish were viewed through the […]

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