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Through our dreams, we grow...

Yesterday I decided that if I ever have loads of cash I am going to open an artists’s resource centre. It’ll be a place where people who are in the process of working on a show can come and borrow things they need, like a ladder, matte cutters and other framing bits, random tools, and whatever else I can think of. I’d also have a driver service available for those in need of a car or van to assist in picking up materials, or delivering work somewhere. There would also be a driver, for people like me, who don’t drive.

If I really had the money I’d also start a scholarship for people in need of a little extra funding to put together the art show they’ve always dreamed off and can’t afford to do without help. It sure ain’t cheap to make art, especially when you’re into doing things in a stupidly complicated way like I am….sigh.

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While I’m remembering, I thought I’d post some links to a few of the galleries and artist’s work I saw in Seattle a week and a half ago. I took the above photo with the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim as I was wandering around Pioneer Square looking for galleries.

Paintings by Flora S. Bowley – I love the colours, layers, and textures in her work, but none of it comes across very well in the photos online.

Sculpture by Paul A. Metivier and paintings by Glenn Ossiander – I felt like this show was made for me to see because the paintings were all red, and most of the sculpture were of crows. Again with the online photos the viewer doesn’t get the full effect of the paintings’ colour, texture and the layers of paint.

Oil paintings on paper by Joanne Hammer – I was only able to take a quick look through the gallery because I arrived at closing time, but I wish I’d had the chance to look again.

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There is something crawling up your leg

A good article from the Tyee about Alan Sirulnikoff and his photographs of Vancouver graffiti. I like the collection of photos in the online gallery accompanying the article.

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